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Beginners, professionals, and everyone in between.

We attract a broad range of people, from the curious to the full-time professional. Members are welcome at any skill level, especially beginners. Attending our events comes with the benefit of being surrounded by folks at the same level as you, as well as people with years of experience in a wide variety of areas. Here are some of the topics that our community has expertise in:

  • VR and AR hardware
  • Low-level engine & graphics programming
  • UX design, interactions & human factors
  • User research
  • Accessibility
  • Audio/sound design
  • Web VR
  • Startup funding

What best describes where you're at with VR/AR right now?


OUR Members who work professionally in vr/ar:

1 in 2

are women

1 in 7

are people of color

1 in 4





Growing together.

Since we began in April, our community has grown quickly. Our events average around 120 attendees, and about four new members join our group every day.


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